Free khk FSTs for morphological generation and analysis

khk is one of the languages that is supported by UralicNLP. The goal of this website is to provide free FST transducers for multiple languages, mostly as nightly builds. You can use the khk analyzer and generator with UralicNLP

Install UralicNLP:

pip install uralicNLP
python -m -l khk


from uralicNLP import uralicApi
uralicApi.lemmatize(word, "khk")
uralicApi.analyze(word, "khk")
uralicApi.generate(word, "khk")

Please, refer to UralicNLP documentation for more information.


infotake a look at UralicNLP model catalogue... For people developing this resource, include a metadata.json to your repository to change this message.


You can also download the transducers directly here: